UK Football Coach Joker Phillips Playing Bass In Country Music Video


We highlighted Joker Phillips looking like a boss yesterday, doing back flips like it a’int no thing. The Kentucky coach immediately went up a few notches in our books…never hurts to keep things loose with your team leading up to another mediocre SEC season. Now, Joker goes and pulls a move like this and brings himself back down to earth…and fast. He was slapping some bass in one of the worst music videos we’ve seen to date. Go back to doing back-flips, because clearly playing bass and coaching isn’t your forte.

The music video is for a song called Farmboy by little-known country artist J.D. Shelburne. Literally painful trying to get through this entire song…hats off to you if you make it the entire four minutes. Shelburne is a UK alum, which explains Joker’s presence, but he doesn’t even have 4,000 Facebook fans. Where is that Wildcat pride?

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