Synchronized Swimming Feres Sisters Kickoff 2016 Brazil Olympic Poon-fest! [PHOTOS]

Were you reading BC back in 2008 when I was tracking the infamous Bia & Branca Feres twins via MySpace sources? Those were the days. Two unknown Brazilian synchronized swimming sisters went from unknown to overnight Internet stars via a magazine spread. A failed Olympic bid was followed by a failed Brazilian MTV show and their American buzz was gone.

The girls got implants together in 2011 & now they’re back at the beach for one more run at fame.

Someone (Brazilian 2016 Olympic organizers?) sent the sisters to London for the Olympics in what looks like a four-year fame blitz to build buzz for the Rio Games. It’s not a totally dumb play. Take former marginally talented synchronized swimmers with implants and let them party in London and send Twitpics back to the locals.

Then, just days after getting back to Brazil, the girls are magically photographed frolicking in the surf. Mark our words, the Brazil games will pretty much be NC-17. NBC will be getting smacked upside the head with implants and hoochie booties. Bob Costas will be 64 and finally get laid.

Can barely wait.

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