Steelers Fan Kurt Takes NFL Tramp Stamping To Next Level [Morning Twitpic]

Smell the air. Tilt your head back, stick your nose in the air & sniff. Take a deep breath. It’s that beautiful smell of Week 2 of the NFL preseason. Tonight’s games: Cincinnati at Atlanta, 8 p.m.; Cleveland at Green Bay, 8 p.m. Bud Shaw, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, is already trying to tell Browns’ fans that Brandon Weeden might not be their savior. Ouch. Remember, Weeden is 28.

In other news, this 82-year-old was wearing a g-string down at the river.

Let’s get rolling!

The $1,700 Alabama Crimson Tide Back Tattoo [PHOTO]
The $1,700 Alabama Crimson Tide Back Tattoo [PHOTO]
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