Rumor: Heidi Watney To Join ESPN And Host First Take [32 PHOTOS]


Back in November, Boston Red Sox sideline reporter Heidi Watney left Beantown for greener pastures. She signed on to join Time Warner in Los Angeles, covering the Lakers. Pretty cushy job out in L.A., right? Apparently not good enough for Watney as she is reportedly already looking for new employment…via ESPN. Heidi may be your new First Take hot piece of ass host!

Boston missed Watney for all of ten minutes, before new girl Jenny Dell came in and won over the hearts of Red Sox Nation. Poor Los Angeles barely got a taste of Heidi and she’s already looking to skip town and join First Take, arguably ESPN’s worst show.

According to The Big Lead:

“I’m 100 percent still employed by Time Warner,” she said, dodging questions about ESPN. But multiple sources have confirmed Watney interviewed with First Take honcho Jamie Horowitz recently, and she’s among the finalists for the job. Watney would only say that it’s “part of the business” to talk or meet with other outlets and she said Time Warner was “well aware of that.”

Is this rumor true? Will Heidi Watney be the next blonde bombshell to join Team ESPN in the post-Erin Andrews era? Will Romney beat Obama? Will Watney pack her bags for Bristol? Will Obama admit he’s actually a foreign national? Will Watney save First Take? Will Skip Bayless rub oil on Tebow’s shoulders during the Jets bye week?

So many questions.

[h/t The Big Lead]   [@HeidiWatney]

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