Paulina Gretzky Twitter Meltdown Via Wayne Gretzky Heart Attack Rumor!

We were doing our daily rounds of Paulina Gretzky‘s Twitter page, hoping for some new bikini pics at the very least. We didn’t get any of those, but we did get something different…something totally unexpected. Paulina is in the middle of a mini-meltdown over rumors that her father is in the hospital after a heart attack. The rumors are false and Paulina is not happy with the responses morons on Twitter have been having. Lay off of our girl!

We can’t confirm how the rumors were started, but that doesn’t seem to concern Paulina. She just wants the nonsense to stop, and so do we. Anything to upset Paulina means she might go into some sort of Twitter hibernation and that is our nightmare. People were being downright rude, saying she was the cause of Wayne’s hypothetical heart attack.

Stop this madness. Don’t insult the Great One’s daughter. If she stops posting pics to Instagram, BC is going out on a personal vendetta after all the morons bashing Paulina.


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