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NFL Rookie Hazing Week: Panthers’ WR Brenton Bersin’s Jeep Plastic Wrapped [PHOTOS]

This wrapping of Panthers rookie Brenton Bersin’s Jeep happened late last week but this hazing deserves the Internet’s attention because you guys totally LOL over these pranks. Of course you’ve seen other rookies have their cars plastic wrapped. But long snapper JJ Jansen had an added surprise for Bersin (undrafted out of Wofford).

How about the car being filled with shipping popcorn.

Don’t worry about Bersin’s feelings being hurt here. He’s actually living out a dream. The Bersin family lived two doors down from Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson. These veterans are actually helping the dream along with plastic wrap and shipping supplies.

Notice the Wofford key chain.

[@JJJansen44]         [ @bbersin10]

In other rookie hazing, here are the Raiders & Dolphins rookies with training camp haircuts.

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