Daniella & Gabriella Figueiredo – Brazil’s New Synchronized Swimming Twins [PHOTOS]

Like we said this morning, Brazil is going to just crank out hot chick after hot chick to promote the 2016 Rio Games. Take the synchronized swimming twins Daniella and Gabriella Figueiredo. According to Brazilian media, these two are hoping to make the Rio Games and the next thing you know, the 20-year-olds are posing topless (and hugging) for the legendary Paparazzo website. Guys, this is pretty much illegal in the U.S. media.

If only Sports Illustrated or ESPN could find sisters willing to pull off this photoshoot we would stop surfing Brazilian sites looking for poon. Could just keep our pageviews right here in the U.S.

According to The Record (and Google translation):

At age 20, Daniella and Gabriella Figueiredo dream of a participation in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. And for fans of the sport and not only now beginning to do cheerleading, the Brazilian Synchronized Swimming twins made a photographic production breathtaking. This was the first test of the gender of the Brazilian duo, who professes to have loved, in spite of nervousness. “We are molecas, criançonas. I found it fun to scolding, posing sexy. It was liberating, “said Gabriella. The weeks reveal that the lovers can not complain about lack of attention, because they made it clear that the presence at the next Olympics is the goal.

My initial reaction was that this was just another garbage story and a reason to get a couple Brazilian sisters naked for a photoshoot. However, after looking through Daniella’s Twitter account (@dfigueiredo_), she’s a legitimate synchronized swimmer. The two are also law students.

The two also tell Globo.com that they’re not down for three-ways.

Our only suggestion: lose the last name -total Google Search buzzkill. Otherwise, this is a slam dunk story for at least four years. Hang on, boys.