Los Angeles Sports Fanantic Wanted Us To See So Cal Tribute Tattoo

It seems our post Wednesday on the epic Alabama fan tattoo has opened the floodgates for emailers wanting their ink honored. Scott S., a sales manger in Los Angeles wrote to us this morning about his tat: “A complete tribute to my Southern California sports teams… took 8 hours to complete.” To which he was sent a follow-up email: “So, what’s with Jeff Gordon?” (Yes, we know Jeff is from Cali.) 

Honestly, this might be the first Jeff Gordon, Lakers, Dodgers and Trojans tattoo we’ve ever seen in the five-year existence of the site. Congrats to Scott.

Of course there were more questions.

Price? $500

How did Jeff Gordon sneak into that tat?  Born in Vallejo California.. He is one of Us… & Yes NASCAR is a sport LOL ;o)

Favorite sports memory from the L.A. sports scene? Lakers vs. Celtics Game 7 2010… Was at the game and it was electric… Huge Win and Even Better Party ;o)

The Song Girls: Marry

Alyssa Milano: Kill

Laker Girls: F

Do you have a sports tattoo that we need to see? Send details and make sure the tat is worth our time. Brett Favre’s face on your ass? Show it off.