Dumb Blond Creates Tim Tebow “Date Me” Facebook Page, Moron Reporter Tim Vetscher Reports! [VIDEO]


Meet Jenn Baluch. Jenn is a 19-year-old Tim Tebow fanatic from Arizona. For whatever reason, Jenn thinks she deserves a date with Tim Tebow for her 20th birthday, and was inspired to chase her dream after a boy with leukemia got a date with Taylor Swift…because you know, battling  leukemia and turning 20 is the same thing. Enter Arizona ABC affiliate reporter Tim Vetscher.

Vetscher is a veteran of the local television circuit. Starting his career in 1998 in Alexandria, Minnesota, he worked his ways up the ranks and is now a journalist at KNXV-TV, ABC 15 NEWS in Phoenix. With a market like that why waste your time and effort on a joke of a “story” like this.

By no means do we want to use this as a means to promote Jenn and her pathetic attempt at a date with a backup quarterback. We want to use this to point out how moronic Tim Vetscher and the Phoenix ABC affiliate is. They proudly proclaimed this story as an “ABC 15” exclusive…good for you Tim, you have an exclusive on a desperate girl pleading for a date with Tebow.

She has a Facebook page promoting her effort to win Tebow’s affection, and no we won’t link to it. Can’t think of anybody less deserving for this and you can bet your ass it’s going to be our mission to make sure this girls dream doesn’t come true.

Heckle Tim Vetscher on his twitter account @Tim_Vetscher for this embarrassment to local news.

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