Ryan Howard Wedding Registry: We Bought Him A Washcloth

Ryan Howard is scheduled to make $118,000,000 over the next five years, and the Phillies 1B has already made $62,000,000 in his career. Quick math = $180 million. That would be over 12 years. If he stays healthy, The Big Piece could add a few million to that total. Figure he ends up cashing $200m in his baseball career. So what’s a blogger to get Ryan Howard for his December wedding? We bought him a $7.99 washcloth.

Howard and his girl, former Eagles cheerleader Krystle Campbell, had their Macy’s wedding registry outed today by Philly.com. That account has since been blocked. But the Bed, Bath & Beyond and Williams-Sonoma accounts are still open and taking business.

Of course we keyed in on the cheapest item to buy. When you can buy a washcloth for $7.99 and get FREE shipping, BC is down.

And it’s a MicroDry!

Quick Darren Rovell math here:

Ryan Howard’s 2012 salary = $20,000,000

Howard could buy 2,503,128 of these washcloths on a year’s salary – or just buy the company that makes them.

Want to spend a little more coin on your boy? Buy the salt and pepper set. It’s only $29 and The Big Piece will be using those mills at least 4-5 times per day.

The granddaddy gift on the Bed, Bath & Beyond registry: a knife set. Never the best idea for wedding gifts. Just saying.

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