Tebow 25th Birthday Celebration On ESPN Sends Twitter Into Frenzy


How bad did it get on ESPN today for the Tim Tebow 25th birthday celebration? Herm Edwards and Marcellus Wiley, loyalists to the pseudo-sports network, actually wore birthday party hats in a segment where the two NFL tough guys announced what they’d get Tebow for his birthday. It was the tipping point for many on Twitter.

We’ve screencapped the following “ESPN-Dick-Tebow” tweets for history’s sake.

Remember when everyone complained about SportsCenter reruns and ESPN went to the mostly live format? Yeah, this is what you get to fill the time. Stop complaining. You guys asked for it.

Trey Wingo even bothered Peyton Manning about his chances of being on the cover of GQ, like, you know, Tebow. You know, because Tebow has to be included in every conversation on his 25th birthday.

MUST-SEE, Manning’s response.


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