Rick’s Cabaret Strippers Wish Tim Tebow A Happy 25th Birthday


And the birthday wishes for Tim Tebow’s 25th start to roll in this morning. We had an email awaiting us this morning from our friends at Rick’s Cabaret in New York. The email title got our attention: RICK’S CABARET NEW YORK GIRLS WISH TIM TEBOW A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

And the message, “Happy 25th Birthday from Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls Christina, Claudia and Kelsey.” These Rick’s girls never forget the little details in life.

You might remember back in March when the ladies at Rick’s made a special offer to give Tebow his first NYC lap dance.

Beverly, not pictured in today’s post said:

“I’m thrilled for the Jets and want to extend an extra special welcome to Tim Tebow,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Beverly, a busty blonde beauty. “I’ve heard that he doesn’t go to strip clubs, but I will be happy to give him his first lap dance. I promise he will like it. It would be my honor.”

Meanwhile, Tebow’s penis hates him more and more by the day.


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