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Ochocinco 911 Call Released; Chad Was Driving A Smart Car!

It’s here! The Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson 911 call is now public, giving you a better idea how things went down. Ocho’s wife Evelyn ran over to her neighbors house following the dispute. The dude sounded like a rich, old white guy, but he surprisingly played it pretty cool. Gave the dispatcher enough details to convey the situation, but never once leaked Ocho’s name or profession. Old white guys keeping it real…gotta love it. He also informed authorities that Ocho was cruising around in a black Smart Car!

Honestly, you could’ve given us 50 guesses as to what car they were in and Smart Car would never have come up. At the very least we were expecting a tricked out Navigator…but a Smart Car?! Listen to the 911 call below. Most of it is the neighbor detailing the situation to the dispatcher, but if you listen very closely you can hear Evelyn quietly chiming in from the background.

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