Buy This 2006 Ford GT Wayne Gretzky Autographed Ride For $295,000! [PHOTOS]


Sure, the price tag of this item might scare you off, but don’t go running just yet! This one of a kind Ford GT is signed by Wayne Gretzkyyes, the father of BC favorite Paulina Gretzky. At only $295,000 you can pick up this whip on eBay and cruise around town, impressing chicks left and right. Hell, you might even get some attention from Paulina herself. She has “99” tattooed above her crotch, so she is bound to love a car with 99 planted all over it.

Quick disclaimer…the car was never owned by Gretzky himself, however it is a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Some of the information listed on the car’s eBay page is as follows:

  • MSRP on this car was $208,000
  • They produced 200 and this is the only Heritage Gulf Edition that holds Wayne¬†Gretzky’s name
  • Dressed in the famous Gulf paint scheme of the GT-40 that won at Le Mans in 1968
  • The show car carries Wayne Gretzky’s signature on the hood
  • The Great One’s No. 99 in the roundels are part of the paint package

Got an extra $300k lying around? Buy this Gretzky signed Ford GT today! Act quickly…the auction ends on Thursday afternoon!

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