Jets Fan Wants Tebow To Call Him Baby + 21 Other Crazy Tebow Fanatics [PHOTOS]

It was only a matter of time until the Jets/Tebow fanboys started popping up. After years of dealing with the loonies in Florida and Denver, you knew that New York was going to take it to the next level. We weren’t surprised to see the broads drooling over Timmy in the early days, but to see a bro at this age wanting Tebow to call him baby is pretty ugly. Might we even say it’s pathetic? Honestly, seeing all the fanboys, lame signs throughout Jets training camp might be even more entertaining than any of the on field action…unless there’s another fight!

Will the Jets fans keep up the lunacy with these ridiculous shirts and signs? They are off to a running start, so we should see some gems over the coming season…stay tuned!

These two broads were at Jets Training Camp when we went to Cortland to check it out. The loonies make their pilgrimage from all over the country to see the holy one.