Hope Solo’s New Book: I’m The Product Of Conjugal Prison Sex

How brilliant is Hope Solo’s manager and/or public relations team? Assuming Team USA was going to win gold in London, they had her pump out a memoir and highlight her life struggles. The book was then scheduled to be released Tuesday, giving Solo another reason to make the rounds in New York, Bristol and Los Angeles. That’s a brilliant move.  However, why buy the book? Maybe you want to read about Solo’s f-ed up life before soccer. JUMP!

As BC readers know, Hope has become one of our favorite female athletes. First, she throws a rager at her house and nearly gets arrested. Then, she kept her wild summer rolling, telling reporters she was wasted during a Today Show appearance in 2008.

As for the book, here’s the interesting stuff:

Solo, who was born in 1981 after her mother became pregnant during a conjugal visit with Solo’s father in prison, writes about what she calls years of her “erratic, self-destructive behavior,” about the death of her father two months before the 2007 World Cup.

Mom has sex with guy in prison and produces best soccer goalie in U.S. history. Hmm, not bad.

Go on.

Also in the book, Solo chronicles the 2011 World Cup, where the Americans finished second to Japan, as well as a photo shoot in ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue,” her appearance on “Dancing With The Stars” and her preparations for the 2012 Olympics.

Look, unless Hope drops some story of sleeping with David Beckham this book is headed for the Dollar General by Christmas. So you’re telling me the big news is that Hope was the product of jail sex? That’s it? That’s the hook?

The book hits shelves/Amazon.com this Tuesday. Pick it up here.