Greg Oden Allegedly Shotgunning Beers With Thickies At Golf Tourney


Rob Gronkowski starts getting serious about football and we move over to keeping tabs on everyone’s favorite 7-foot #1 NBA draft pick bust, Greg Oden. The prerequisite to get our attention on a daily basis includes: you must drink, wear crazy pants and enjoy posing for photos with hot and/or ugly chicks because it’s funny.

Enter Oden on Friday at a golf tourney honoring his dead buddy, Travis Smith.

Smith, considered Oden’s best childhood friend, died in a 2007 car crash while on his way to watch Oden play against Michigan State. A memorial golf tournament for Smith was held Friday in Terre Haute, Indiana and Oden was there to be the host.

That meant Oden was expected to do some local media promoting the event. Luckily, the local reporter wanted to know about Oden’s recent admission that he was an alcoholic during his Portland days.

On Thursday, Oden insisted that he never experienced a moment of truth which led him to reduce his alcohol consumption.

“I knew I abused it more than I should have,” he told me. “It happened. I’m not going to sit here and try to hide it. People around me knew it happened.”

That part of Oden’s life did not last long, however.

“The people around me, they kinda recognized it,” recalled the 2007 NBA No. 1 overall draft pick and former Lawrence North High School and Ohio State standout. “At that young age, I was still in party mode.”

Now 24, Oden still enjoys going out with friends on occasion, but he prefers to keep his partying in moderation.

“Right now, I’m grown up and I know what I want to do,” he continued, referring to his emotional state of mind more than his height. “I want to play basketball. If you play basketball, you can’t drink all the time. You really can’t. It affects your body and it’s just not a good look.”

The next day – at 1:04 p.m. – @MizzBritt_Britt (that’s her, above left) tweeted…

And then Greg flew to Miami to hang at the Fontainebleau for the weekend.

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