2012 New York Jets Training Camp: The Tebow Circus Is In Cortland!


Ever since 2009, the New York Jets have headed to Cortland, NY for training camp.  There’s not much else going on in Cortland besides the chance to embrace the Tim Tebow phenomenon. The town is sleepy 50 weeks per year and then Tebow shows up. This is a small town NFL training camp with the biggest star in the NFL. Surprisingly, it all works pretty well. JUMP!

Getting off of I-81, Cortland makes it extremely simple to reach the campus. Signs direct you through town, right to Tebowland. You’ll be greeted by friendly staff members giving you the scoop on where to go and what to do.

This camp was a nice mix of fun and football. A lot of activities, a great pro shop and awesome on-field practice action. Oh, did we mention the kooks that make the drive to show off their Chad Pennington jerseys? Love these guys.

New York Jets Training Camp Notes & Insider Tips

Location: SUNY Cortland Stadium Complex, 17 Lankler Drive, Cortland, NY

Cost: FREE! Do you believe the media circus that is the New York Jets hasn’t started charging the 50,000+ attendees?

Parking: $5…but the proceeds go to SUNY Cortland, not Woody Johnson and the Jets.

Food: There is one big tent with tons of offerings. From breakfast foods and coffee, to hot dogs and your standard stadium foods, this tent had everything covered at reasonable prices.

Beer: No beer sales, however there are no bag checks. Had a backpack and an outside beverage and they didn’t even look twice. Gotta love that Cortland attitude.

Jets Camp Observations:

  • Unlike the Lions camp, the Jets kept things interesting. Moving at a quick pace from drill to drill, they kept things fresh and intense for the duration of camp.
  • Avoid the bleachers. Sure, it would be nice to sit for a while, but proximity to the action matters to real fans. It’s much better to find a good place to stand behind one of the end zones.
  • If you are bringing kids, the Jets have you covered. A great play zone is located right by the entrance, so when your little guys get bored after watching Tebow throw ground balls for an hour, head over to the bounce house and obstacle course.
  • Autograph hounds? Get in the line…the big line. With guys like Tebow and Sanchez you can imagine how long these lines were.

Proximity To Players


At times, you are right up in the action. You get O-linemen battling right in front of you and quaterbacks throwing fades to a WR/CB battling only feet away from your sideline spot. It was almost as good as it gets at an NFL training camp. It’s a great place to get Tebow sweat on your Florida jersey.



For the amount of people that were in attendance, the crowd should’ve been much louder and more enthusiastic. Then again, maybe they saw Tebow and Sanchez throwing the ball and got a bit down on themselves.

Final Notes

  • A group of 16-to-18 year old boys: “There’s Tim! I see his red jersey. I have goosebumps, I’m tearing up.”
  • Most popular jerseys: Mark Sanchez and Darrelle Revis
  • Biggest jersey spotted: A 5XL Curtis Martin…which was snug.
  • A middle aged woman talking to her friend about Tebow: “He’s a Christian, he has good family values. He’s just a good guy and it’s nice to see good guys succeed.” Her son, keeping it real, responded: “He’s not succeeding.”

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