The Mizzou Practice Girls: A Busted Coverage i-Team Investigation

By now you’ve heard about the two girls running the stairs this week during a Missouri football practice. Gary Pinkel, trying to get his team ready for the SEC, noticed his players being distracted by the pooners so he kicked the ladies out of the stadium. There’s your story. Not much more to report.

However, for BC, there is plenty to investigate, specifically the names, Facebook photos and Twitter accounts of these lovely coeds.

Details are still sketchy, but we know one of the ladies driving Mizzou nuts is Kristin S.

She’s a Cardinals fan and listens to country music. She appears to be the back of the pack chick.

Contrary to wild theories on SEC message boards of these ladies being plants from (insert SEC school name here), the runners appear to be MU students.

Kristin (@KristinS14) doesn’t share her thoughts on Pinkel booting the two roommates out of the stadium. This is the point where we feel on the cusp of a huge discovery, kinda like unearthing a sunken treasure. Do you guys have any idea how difficult it is to put the pieces together on such investigations?

Maybe you can help. Do you know Kristin S. & her roommate? Name that one in the front with the thick booty. Let’s get the job done, BC Nation.

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Rex Ryan’s I’d Hit That T-Shirt [PHOTO]
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