Go Inside Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Fantasy Football Draft War Room

*Which one is a Dead head? Look at that laptop sticker, upper left.

Why do the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders continue to be the greatest cheerleading unit in cheerleading history (don’t even think of saying Laker Girls)? They keep innovating. Guess where the girls are at this week. I SAID GUESS! Anyway, the girls are at training camp. That’s right, the DCC has a training camp where the girls get into bikinis for photos, eat great meals and drink wine during a fantasy football draft.

Training camp opened Thursday with a variety of activities, but nothing to us was nearly as important as the girls breaking off into teams and having a fantasy football draft. Sure, there was the 2013 bikini calendar reveal. Boring. Sure, there was bikini hula hooping. Kinda cool.

When you wind down the first day of camp with a fantasy draft, we perk up.

Still efforting what round Manning, Romo & Tebow came off the board. Yes, ladies, men care about these details. Where cheerleaders are drafting certain players is totally intriguing to us. This is like the perfect marriage inside our warped brains.

*As for photos from the 2013 DCC bikini calendar shoot, see below.

[Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – Facebook]

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