McKayla Maroney Teaching ‘Dougie’ To Jenna Bush [VIDEO]

When McKayla Maroney, 16, teaches you how to “Dougie” you get your ass up off that double-decker bus seat and listen to the woman. That means your ass, Jenna Bush. On your feet! Watch a pro and learn something instead of lobbing fluff questions to the women’s gymnastics team. Maroney might only be 16, but she’ll teach your conservative ass a few things in London.

And teen boys just found a new hero.

Not surprisingly, NBC didn’t find room for this part of the bus interview for the Today Show. Should’ve had Ann Curry on that bus. You know her Asian ass is down to Dougie.

As for teen boys, you notice how McKayla talks to a former first daughter? Your ass is in for a world of hurt when it comes time for homecoming dance propositions. Be prepared to have your balls crushed by the force of 1,000 gold medals.