Detroit (Lions) Pride Cheerleader Bikini Calendar Shoot On Exotic Lake Michigan

Isn’t it time the Detroit Lions organization puts some effort into rewarding its unofficial cheerleading team, the Detroit Pride? One of the final holdouts in the NFL to not allow cheerleaders anywhere near 60,000 slobbering meathead fans, the Lions finally allowed the Pride entrance to Ford Field in 2010.

Now comes word that the ladies are even shooting bikini calendars – made in Michigan (on Lake Michigan).

Here’s how the Lions should reward the Pride:

• At least one link on

• A 300X250 promo ad running on with Suh lifting a girl in each arm

• Send the ladies to Vegas on the bye week as a thank you for their service reward

• A promise to send the ladies to an island nation for the 2013 bikini calendar

Look, we have nothing against Frankfort, Michigan, the small Lake Michigan town where the Pride shot bikini photos. It actually sounds like a place the Indianapolis Colts would send their cheerleaders. But we’re talking about the Lions, an organization that needs continued shots in the arm.

The Lions a 13% attendance increase in 2012 (vs. 2010-11) and should see another increase in 2012, but let’s not forget this is a team two years removed from a 2-14 season and three years removed from an 0-16.

Now is the time to lockup these cheerleaders on a 5-year contract and a trip per year to Cancun. It’s a party waiting to happen.

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