Olympic Diver Stephan Feck In Pain After Diving “Feck Up” [VIDEO]


Tired of waiting for Bob Costas to wax poetic about the Olympics before getting to the replays you really care about? Having trouble finding videos of 2012 Olympic Games that really matter? So are we. That’s why we’re opening the‘Busted Coverage Olympic Videos You Actually Care About’ world headquarters. It’ll only be open for the next two weeks. German diver Stephan Feck is going to be sore for a while after this diving fail.

This is the type of thing that had it happened twenty years ago, it wouldn’t have even hit the mainstream. Today, with the internet and a name like Feck, this guy is doomed. The internet is an unforgivable place, so consider his ego as bruised as his back.

It’s not everyday you see a zero given out to an Olympic diver, so trust us when we say you’ll want to check out this epic fail of a dive.

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