‘Bolting’ Is The New Tebowing; Why Aren’t More Chicks Doing This? [40 PHOTOS]


So after Usain Bolt‘s big win in the 100 meter race on Sunday, the Twitter world came up with their newest lame trend…Bolting. Look we’re all for something dethroning Tebowing as the lame stance Twitter morons think is hilarious, but there flat out has to be more hot chicks down for some Bolting. After searching for a while, it appears that babes are still hot for Tebow and very few want a piece of Usain’s Bolt.

Sure some of these pictures are throwaways, but see what we mean?! Why aren’t there more babes Bolting? Either way, Usain is one unoriginal bastard, taking away credit from previous greats like Hulk Hogan and Arnold Sshwarzenegger who had this move before the social media revolution.

The original Bolter:

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