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Tebow (Not Really) In Middle Of Jets Training Camp Brawl [VIDEO]

Another day, another New York Jets “headline”. This team is quickly becoming a total joke, and when you have scrubs like Joe McKnight and D’Anton Lynn starting massive brawls, you become even more of a laughingstock. Things got out of control and the fight continued to spread, knocking over advertisements and forcing fans and reporters to retreat before being trampled.

Reports said that the fight started after RB Joe McKnight was shoved out of bounds by safety D’Anton Lynn after a play was winding down. Responding like any normal person would, McKnight threw the ball right at Lynn, approached him and threw the first punch. Again, reasonable response. Leave it to Rex and Tebow to try to break this scrum up.

What is even more surprising was that someway, somehow, ESPN does not have video of this on their story. They have half of their staff in Cortland for Jets training camp and not one of those scrubs managed a quick video. Step it up, ESPN, we expect better from you.

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