ESPN’s Marty Reid: “(Danica Patrick) Looking To Be The Meat In 3-Wide Sandwich” [VIDEO]


Thankfully, BC reader Dustin was watching the NASCAR Nationwide race on Saturday so we don’t have to. It was your normal left turn race until lap 103 when Danica Patrick was making some risky moves and eventually got into a three-wide situation. That led ESPN’s lead NASCAR broadcaster, Marty Reid, to drop a helluva quote: “And now she’s looking to be the meat in a three-wide sandwich.”

Oh, Marty.

Posted: August 4, 2012

Premise of Video: Sexual innuendo from ESPN’s Marty Reed towards Danica Patrick. Meat…sandwich…three-wide…

Climax of Video: Start watching at the 4:25 mark. That should be good.

Conclusion: Please let Danica win a race while Marty is broadcasting and let this guy describe what’s happening in the winner’s circle.

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