Columbus Hoochies Working Over Greg Oden’s Retirement Fund? [PHOTOS]


And here you thought hoochies wouldn’t care about Greg Oden now that his NBA career is finished. Ahh, but the 7-footer made over $23,000,000 in his career and, from all indications, has plenty of spare bills to throw around. Sure, his agent got a cut. The government got its share. I’m sure there were a couple bad house deals in Portland. Maybe a sports car or two that were spur-of-the-moment mistakes.

Hoochies, however, can sniff those bills.

That’s not to say that these two are after Greg’s money. In Columbus, it’s a Facebook trophy to have a pic with Greg now that he’s back to club hoppin’ on weekends and pretty much any other day he feels like. You from Dublin and don’t have a Facebook photo of you and Greg at the Club? Your account ain’t worth a damn. Better start clubbin’ a few more nights a week.

This was Saturday night. Another night in the retirement life of the once promising can’t miss #1 draft pick.

No word if @aortegaa8 (on the right) got the Oden Cobra. We have Kevin The Intern trading tweets with her.

Have a photo of Greg Oden in the wild, preferably grindin’ on some Columbus hoochie? Send it in so we can examine its authenticity.

UPDATE: Is this hoochie packing a banana? See below.

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