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Holley Mangold Can’t Snatch 110kg At Olympics [VIDEO]

Tired of waiting for Bob Costas to wax poetic about the Olympics before getting to the replays you really care about? Having trouble finding videos of 2012 Olympic Games that really matter? So are we. That’s why we’re opening the‘Busted Coverage Olympic Videos You Actually Care About’ world headquarters. It’ll only be open for the next two weeks.

The Olympics aren’t going very well for Holley Mangold.

It appears a sore wrist led to trouble on a 110kg snatch. We’re not experts on Olympic weightlifting but this isn’t looking good for our Ohio girl.

This lift looked good but didn’t get the OK from 2 of the 3 judges. Still efforting to figure out if she’s been eliminated.

Holley will take 105kg in the snatch and combine it with her clean & jerk to get a total meet lift weight.

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