USC Song Girls Get Wet In Tahoe – 2012 Edition [52 PHOTOS]

It’s the official start of the college football season for Busted Coverage and has been since 2008 when we first started tracking the USC Song Girls weekend in Tahoe. While dorky sports bloggers are busy going to SEC media days or to Chicago to hear another Big Ten coach babble, we know the real start to the season is when another set of Song Girls gets baptized in those Tahoe waters. Once again, the Song Girls do not disappoint.

This year, organizers added a bungee cord contraption that provides us with pictures of Song Girls in bikinis being tossed through the air. There are also the normal pics you’ve become accustomed to seeing, like the Song Girls with their legs in the air.


It’s as if the Song Girls smell what Kiffin and Barkley are cooking up for college football. After a couple down years for the Song Girls in Tahoe, it appears that the 2012 girls got the memo that the program is back and it’s time for everyone to step up their game.

Fight On, ladies!