That Saudi Arabia Judo Chick Should Be Ashamed Of Her Effort Today [VIDEO]


Olympics before getting to the replays you really care about? Having trouble finding videos of 2012 Olympic Games that really matter? So are we. That’s why we’re opening the‘Busted Coverage Olympic Videos You Actually Care About’ world headquarters. It’ll only be open for the next two weeks. Saudi Arabia sends a woman to the Olympics and has her in judo? Is this a joke? JUMP!

The first Saudi Olympian competing in Judo will be one of the most memorable moments of the London Olympics – blah, blah, blah. This is a joke, right? Could the Olympic Committee or the Saudi Arabian sports council have picked a worse debut for women at the Olympics? Judo? Are you kidding me? The Saudis this morning trotted out Wojdan Shaherkani and watched her get smoked in 82 seconds.

You can watch the match and figure out that Wojdan was totally not ready to be in a judo competition. She just stood there waiting for the Puerto Rican chick to end the madness.

It was all over at the 3:38 mark via pin or whatever they call the finishing move in judo.

And why wasn’t Wojdan in some event like skeet? Put her ass on a trampoline and let her jump around. Have her in the walking competition.

Watch this. You’ll see that it looks like Wojdan practiced for like a weekend. Sad stuff.

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