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Shockingly, Team Mongolia Is On Top Of London Olympic Tweet Leaderboard

Mongolia has two medals at the London Olympics; one silver and a bronze. The small Asian nation only has 19 medals since it started sending competitors in 1964. But the country can claim one title so far during the 2012 competition – the world’s top Olympic tweeting nation. That’s right, as of today, Mongolia’s #MGL hashtag is smoking the #USA tag on Twitter.

How is that possible?

Is Mongolia now that into the Olympics? Is Olympic nationalism sweeping the country of just 3.1 million?


What we’ve learned is that Mongolia has one helluva Twitter spambot program. Of course we’re waiting for the today show to use these standings for one of their fluff pieces. Please let it be Seacrest.

[London Olympics Support Your Team]   [Mongolia Medal Count]

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