Hottest WAG Of The London Olympics: Finnish Swimmer Emilia Pikkarainen!


We’d like to introduce you to Emilia Pikkarainen, a 19-year- old swimmer who hails from Finland. How about some facts: she is dating a Finnish Formula 1 driver named Valtteri Bottas, her father is her coach…and she just might have the best ass in all of the Olympics. It’s not every day you see a swimmer with a booty like that. Best ass at the Olympics on a Nordic white chick? Think so.

Pikkarainen isn’t exactly a household name in the swimming world, but at 5′ 8″, 119 pounds that ass just defies logic. See, this is what’s great about the Olympics. You would’ve never had any interest in looking at Emilia’s photos if it weren’t for that pool ass shot.

She didn’t even win a medal, yet here’s a post. That’s the power of the Olympics right there. Message to Finland: want to win swimming medals? Chicks with great asses don’t win. Just look at the podiums this year. Find ugly chicks from California with Finnish parents.

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