Chad Johnson Is Back To Dropping F-Bombs, Talking About Smoking Weed & Going To Strip Clubs! [VIDEO]


It’s not that Chad Johnson regrets his time in New England where he wasn’t allowed to joke about smoking weed, going to strip clubs and hanging out with Gene Simmons. Hoodie took Ocho to a Super Bowl so the guy at least accomplished one goal. You know how that situation ended. Chad spent 11 minutes with Miami media today and wasn’t boring one bit.

Of course the guy is at the end of his career. Of course he has maybe one year of 50 catches left. Time to entertain the media morons. Pay special attention to the 4:45-5:25 or so mark. And then the 7:00 mark through the end.

From our friend Izzy Gould of the Sun Sentinel:

Speed wasn’t the problem in New England, if you talk to football people. Nor were moves. Strict route-running was. Following the system was. Gaining the trust of quarterback Tom Brady was.

If he can’t get off the bench on a contending New England team desperate for a receiver what real value does he have, at 34, on a rebuilding Dolphins offense? Besides, you know, comedy.

“I’m going to take all the rookies for lunch to (the strip club) Tootsies,” he said.


“I’ll take you guys out too,” he said to the media.


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