Olympic Beach Volleyball Butt Signals: What They Mean


Been watching Olympic beach volleyball and can’t figure out what the hand signal system used by the pros? We’re here to help. It’s kinda like a baseball coach giving signs to a hitter. Read up on this post or keep it handy for tonight’s May-Walsh vs. Schwaiger sisters match. Your wife or girlfriend is just waiting for you to drop hand signal knowledge on her.

Of course she’ll accuse you of just looking at butts until you know what a closed fist means in beach volleyball.

Blocking signals:

  • Closed fist: No block should be attempted for the opponent on that side of the court.
  • One finger: The blocker plans to block the opponent’s line attack.
  • Two fingers: The blocker plans to block an opponent’s “angle” attack.
  • Open hand: The blocker plans to match up with the hitter, deciding where to block based on the opposing team’s set and the hitter’s approach and arm swing.

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