Spanish Olympian Patricia Sarrapio Gets Naked For London [PHOTOS]

Going through the motions this morning, we happened to come across Patricia Sarrapio, a Spanish triple jumper, who just happens to have some naked photos. It seems Ms. Sarrapio & her friend Ana Torrijos dropped trou for Interviú magazine and those photos are slowing trickling out. Torrijos is injured and won’t compete in Olympic track events. Sarrapio, however, will be triple jumping in a few days.

At this point in the Olympics, it’s our duty to give you all angles possible to make the events interesting. You’ll be sitting there next week during the track events looking for a story and naked photos of athletes. That’s why we get up in the morning – to lead you to the promised land of Olympian poon.

Now, remain calm. At this point you only get the NSFW teaser image of Sarrapio & Torrijos. We’ve set a Google Image alert for the rest of the NSFW photo dump to come.

About Sarrapio:

• 29

• Competed at the 2008 Games

• On winning a medal in London: In my case, I see it very difficult, but I have my medal I, which is go to the Olympics, my dream since childhood.