Look At These Slimy Canadians Trying To Get Piece Of Missy Franklin’s Gold!

Missy Franklin was born in California. Both of her parents are Canadian and the new American swimming hero holds dual citizenship with America’s hat. So, you know, that means Canada’s sports network, TSN (their version of ESPN), wants to get in on Missy’s gold in the 100m backstroke. This headline ran last night on TSN.com but has since been pulled.

That’s desperation for an Olympic story if we’ve ever seen one, considering the Canadian delegation only has a single bronze (in synchronized diving) after 3.5 days of competition.

As for these Canadian ties, the Today Show got to the bottom of any feelings Franklin might have for her parents homeland.

Because her parents are Canadian, they offered their daughter the option for swimming for Canada, a suggestion to help lessen the pressure. They said their daughter refused.

“She’s a Colorado girl,” said her mom, crediting all the support she has received from her hometown pool and high school.


Stop it, Canada. You’re only making the desperation that much more disgusting. She’s American, but likes to vacation in Nova Scotia. Time to move on.