Here’s British Gymnast Jennifer Pinches Throwing Up Nerdfighter Gang Sign [PHOTO]

Everyone can calm down. British gymnast Jennifer Pinches wasn’t throwing up westside gang signs this afternoon during the women’s all around team finals at the Olympics. That’s actually a nerdfighter gang sign caught by BBC cameras. Shouldn’t J.P. be going back to her team huddle to chat about her floor exercise?

What’s a nerdfighter? It’s pretty much what it sounds like.

According to Wikipedia:

Nerdfighters are members of the open-to-all internet community that has grown around the Vlogbrothers. The community is often referred to broadly as Nerdfighteria, and consists primarily of fans of John Green, Hank Green, or the Vlogbrothers show, as well as people who adopt the term because they believe they fit in with the community. The term was coined by John when he encountered an arcade game by the name “Aerofighters” which he mistakenly read as “Nerdfighters”, reminded of the term “sportsracers”, used by Ze Frank in his 2006 vlog.[6] While it was initially considered a joke, the term Nerdfighter was quickly adopted as the name for the community that rose up around the Vlogbrothers and the Brotherhood 2.0 project.

Guess who didn’t win a medal in the women’s team final – Pinches and Great Britain. That’s cool, keep nerdfighting and we’ll keep kicking your asses in gymnastics. No biggie.