Division II Cheerleader Smokeshows: Natalie From California University Of PA [PHOTOS]

I’ve always had an affinity for small school cheerleaders at College Cheerleader Heaven, and I thought it was important to bring that love to Busted Coverage. For me, there is nothing better than finding a smoking hot cheerleader putting in work off the beaten path. Anybody can get excited cheering for a big school like South Carolina or Oklahoma State. But getting up for a game in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference is no picnic.

But that is exactly what Natalie does for California University of Pennsylvania. In her spare time she might compete in a beauty contest or end up backstage at a concert, but her first love is cheering the Vulcans on to victory. So join me in celebrating the wonder that is the Division II cheerleader. It’s one of those rare moments when the Internet gets to appreciate a small school cheerleader in a school girl outfit.

Know Your Division II Cheerleaders: Natalie

• Just finished her first year of cheering at Cal U

• Competed in the 2012 Cinderella State Pageant

• Loves the band All-American Rejects

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