22 Best WWE Raw Kobe Bryant Rape Joke Reaction Tweets

Sitting through last night’s three-hour episode of Monday Night Raw was pretty routine. CM Punk made a nice little speech to kick the show off, but things didn’t get interesting until A.W. and the Prime Time Players came out. These guys are usually pretty lame, but last night A.W. had the WWE Universe up in arms with a comment he made comparing one of his wrestlers to Kobe Bryant…in a pretty NSFW fashion. Remember, Raw is TV-PG!

A.W. was circling the ring in his usual annoying fashion, running his mouth like nobody else can. Then, out of nowhere he dropped this line:

“Titus O’Neil is like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado hotel room. He’s unstoppable!!”

Wait, what?! First, way to double up on “hotel” there. Second, you know the McMahon family is not going to be impressed with that. Immediate backlash. Michael Cole apologized on behalf of the WWE when coming back from the next commercial and A.W. apologized via Twitter later. Nothing like a good old fashioned rape joke to spice up a dull, three hour episode of Raw!