Snežana Rodić: The Hottest Triple Jumper Not At The Olympics [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

What do we know about this video of triple jumper Snežana Rodić? Not much. It’s not from the 2012 Olympics, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from appreciating Snezana’s ass in a humping motion. Between the yoga pants and the stretching routine, it’s hard to believe any set of eyes wasn’t locked on Rodić during her routine. We pulled ten sexy screen shots along with 22 photos showing off her insane body.

How creepy is the cameraman though? Clearly we appreciate his had work and dedication, but this dude is shameless. As for Rodic, it’s unclear if she even competes these days since the last competition entry on her Wikipedia page is from 2011.

Like that matters to you Olympics freaks. She’s a triple jumper, in tight warmup pants and you’re in Olympic sport-gasm mode.

Feel free to go nuts.