Little Girl Destroys National Anthem Before MLS Match; Worst Ever? Yes. [VIDEO]

Did you miss Saturday’s MLS match between the Los Angeles Galaxy and FC Dallas? BC did too, because besides the Olympics being on, it’s still the f*cking MLS. Either way, while searching around this morning we came across this video. An 11-year-old girl named Harper Guzins was brought in to sing the National Anthem before the game. We hate bashing young children, but this girl absolutely butchered America’s sacred song.

Just because you are eleven doesn’t mean you get a free pass. Just sing the song the way its meant to be sung. Deadspin found this girls personal website, and it really explains a lot. Someone needs to slow this girls role before her head explodes.

Posted: July 28, 2012

Premise of Video: 11 year old Harper Guzins sings arguably the worst rendition of the National Anthem…ever.

Climax of Video: “Thee bombs bursting in air.”

Conclusion: This girl clearly has some talent, but needs to be brought down a notch. Could it be a classic case of crazy, over-the-top parents? Most likely.