German Olympic Cyclist “Mr. Thigh” Robert Förstemann Owns These Giant Quads [PHOTOS]

This is by far the gayest photo to ever be published on Busted Coverage but there is a legit reason to run it. Those legs on the right belong to German Olympian Robert Förstemann. He’s a track cyclist and only 26. Yes, he walks around with those hambones.

One thing led to another at the Olympic Village and Bob was in a quad-off with a fellow German, according to a tweet from Australian cyclist Greg Henderson.

You thought Greipel has a big set of legs. There was a quad off in the German camp today. Greipel lost.

That would be Andre Greipel on the left. He’s a road cyclist.

According to his 2012 Olympic profile, Robert is nicknamed Mr. Thigh. Seriously, that’s his nickname. Kinda easy to see why.  As for his personal life questions coming from gays and women who appreciate a thick thigh, he’s married.