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Best Photos Of Leryn Franco At The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Yes, Leryn Franco is at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. That was her last night during the Parade of Nations, wearing the Paraguayan red dress and showing off some insane cleav. Of course she’s in town to throw the javelin, but that’s not the whole story. She’s property of Nike.

And Nike will get its money back via you dorks who’ll see Leryn wearing Nike gear.

Take this photo of Leryn in her Olympic dorm room. Notice the pants. Simple photo tweeted out and the next thing you know it’s in every “Greatest Photos of Leryn Franco” gallery from now until 2014.

At 30, this is it for Franco. She’s the Anna Kournikova of the Games and it’s fine with us.

*Franco won’t throw until the women’s qualifier on Tuesday, August 7. The javelin finals are August 9. Set your DVRs accordingly.


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