Who Was This German Doing Seig Heil At Olympic Ceremony? [PHOTOS]

Update: Some say this bro was waving. Some say there’s no way this could be a sieg heil because he’s using his left arm. Some say this is an old Olympic salute, which was banned at the Games after WWII. You be the judge.

Just saw this during the BBC One broadcast of the London Olympics ceremony. The German Olympians were introduced and then BBC showed a shot of this guy doing the German Sieg heil salute to the athletes. That is the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in the background with his hand over his mouth.

We’re still efforting the German official’s name, but he has to be important to get this seat, right?

According to Wikipedia

(Seig heil) was adopted in the 1930s by the Nazi Party to signal obedience to the party’s leader Adolf Hitler and to glorify the German nation and later the war effort.

As for Boris Johnson, he better hope that wasn’t a laugh coming out of his mouth.

[Boris Johnson]