Oklahoma’s Megan McGeary Is College Football’s Hottest Twirler Girl [PHOTOS]

And here we just figured college football band twirlers were (A.) lesbian (B.) into long philosophical discussions on how wind affects flight (C.) not into sex (D.) never in bikinis. Then Megan McGeary came into our lives. You guys are looking at a chick that should light up the Internet over the next six months. Never before in the history of college football has there been a twirler more deserving of your pageviews.

It’s time for Megan to become famous.

Let us count the ways this Altoona, PA native isn’t like other twirlers.

• Multiple bikini photos on the Internet

• Posed in a bikini for a “Support The Troops” calendar

• Tweets out pool bikini photos

• Shows off her abs quite often

• Sends ab photos to message boards

She plays with fire as part of her job as a twirler

• Won 2012 College Miss Majorette of America

Get on the bandwagon, boys, because we’re talking about hot twirler with only 1,300 Twitter followers. Her twirling season gets started September 1 when the Sooners get to destroy UTEP. Hell yes, we expect to see training camp photos – soon.