New York Giants Roll Into Training Camp With Cartoon Blankets [PHOTOS]

The New York Giants arrived at the University of Albany for training camp over the past few days. Being that they are all staying on campus, the players are going to be spending the next few weeks sleeping in dorm rooms. This appears to have taken them back to their younger days. Several members of the defending Super Bowl champions have showed up to camp with childish blankets. There were Spider-Man, Super Mario and Tinkerbell sightings…but which players?

The player with the sweet Spider-Man blanket is none other than punter Steve Weatherford. Yes, that Steve Weatherford, the punter famous for his “Mother f*cking Super Bowl” celebration. Weatherford is quickly becoming our favorite punter in the NFL.

The next crew of G-Men rocking cartoon are safety Tyler Sash and linebacker Spencer Paysinger.

Sash is rocking the Tinkerbell blanket and Paysinger is cuddling up to Mario. Is this some sort of hazing? Probably not, both are second year players. Could it be two nerds trying (unsuccessfully) to be funny/cute? That’s our bet. Mark Herzlich tweeted it out on Wednesday night: