Is This The Best Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Fan Tattoo Ever? Has To Be, Right?

Meet Corey Hoover. He has kids. He lives in Denver. He tweets. He parents. He has a bunch of tattoos. And he loves the Seattle Seahawks. LOVES THEM. How much does Corey love the Seahawks, a team that is 269-295 all-time? Corey Hoover loves the Seahawks so much, he recently had this insane 12th Man tattoo needled into his right side from the armpit to his waist. That, Seahawks Nation, is a superfan.

First, a little backstory about this 12th Man thing. Seahawks fan takes that title seriously. The Packers have the Cheeseheads, while the Seahawks have this history with a number.

According to

With the birth of an NFL franchise in 1976, Seattle fans were no longer starved for their own professional football team. As the Seahawks strengthened their young franchise, their loud, sold out crowds became known as the 12th MAN ®.

Seattle fans had such an impact on the success of the team in the 1980’s that Seahawks President Mike McCormack retired the number 12 on December 15, 1984.

Throughout the 1980’s Seattle’s fans became known as the loudest in the NFL, so much so that the league instituted a noise rule in 1985.

Hence, Corey Hoover spending his summer getting this insane 12th Man ink. Take notice how Corey’s tat doesn’t honor a specific player. This tat will still be relevant 50 years from now when Corey can’t walk, or eat solid foods.

SportsNation called us this week about the Gronk forearm tat cop from Indy. They wanted to give that guy some recognition, which was a cool gesture. Now it’s time to give Corey some publicity for what he’s done to his torso.