16 Great Moments When Michael Phelps Used To Get Drunk [PHOTOS]

Remember when Michael Phelps used to be interesting, fun and liked to let chicks take photos of him partying or smoking weed? Yeah, those were the days of MySpace. Seriously, four years ago we could do a MySpace photo search and find Phelps at a variety of University of Michigan houses getting smashed and chasing tail.


The guy is boring, doesn’t get publicly sh*tfaced and is at his final Olympics. Of course age (27) has something to do with that. And Subway doesn’t want to see you on TMZ throwing bills at strippers.

From a 2008 NY Times piece just after the Beijing Olympics:

“Michael Phelps is leaving Beijing as a global sports icon. He’s now with the likes of the Michael Jordans, Tiger Woods and Roger Federers and he’s earned every bit to be in that elite company,” said Michael Lynch, head of global sponsorship at Visa.

You know what happened next.

The Olympics start today and it’s kinda sad that hardly anyone even cares about Phelps. Sure, NBC will shove his rivalry with Lochte down your throat. Sure, Phelps will win a couple golds.

But the fun is over. The young chicks are no longer enamored. Vegas parties are old news. Michael Phelps is just another guy staring at retirement and pitching Subway sandwiches.

[Olympics: Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte will kick off chlorine-soaked fun]