Peyton Manning Beats Tim Tebow’s Broncos Training Camp Attendance Record!

In case you were at work or watching Olympic soccer, you should know that ESPN went with live coverage of Peyton Manning at Denver Broncos training camp. You know the storylines: The Great One settles on Denver, media goes nuts, Tebow gets shipped out and can the neck hold up. How big of a day is it for the Broncos? Peyton drew more fans than Tebow.

The Denver Post reports that a crowd of 3,300 showed up this morning to see Peyton. The previous record was set last summer when 3,103 showed up to see Tebow.

As for the neck, it seems to be holding up well in drills where Peyton has to really extend himself.

Meanwhile, two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning this morning was busy wheeling his luggage into the Giants training camp dorm.

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