Here’s Offensive Coordinator Brett Favre Running Practice At Oak Grove High School


When Brett Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, told the Associated Press last week that Favre will work at Oak Grove High School this fall “to help out in some capacity,” the question became, “How much time would Favre be giving to the high schoolers?” If yesterday in Hattiesburg was any indication, Favre will be running the offensive show for Oak Grove.

That’s the old gunslinger teaching his troops the intricacies of the offense.

According to the Hattiesburg American, the 2011 Oak Grove offensive coordinator is now the defensive coordinator. The offense, from early indications, could be a two-man coordinator show with Favre possibly sharing duties.

But consider this: Tim Heldt, who retired as Oak Grove’s offensive coordinator after the 2010 season, is back. He, along with Favre, was also approved by the school board to serve as a part-time volunteer assistant coach. So maybe Heldt will slide back into the position he once held.

The Warriors run a spread offense. I’m sure Favre will tweak a few things, making some minor changes here and there. And I think because Favre has been around for the past half-decade or more, it would be reasonable to assume that we’ve already seen his influence on the offense.

In other words, Brett Favre will be the coordinator for on-field activities, while the Heldt guy will be responsible for the junk the future NFL Hall of Famer doesn’t have time for, like the clerical nonsense. Heldt is also the Oak Grove athletic director.

Guess who defers to Favre? This guy.

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